Producism: A New Game for a New Economy

Drew Little

Learn how an evolutionary economic model can revitalize local economies and communities in a fun and easy way


Book Description

Note: Version 2.0 of this book is coming early 2016! Updated Producia chapter and more!

The goals of this book are to succinctly explain the fundamental problems of society’s current economic system, and to propose an evolutionary solution that consists of 11 new economic concepts. It explains how money, social entrepreneurship, and education can be democratized by fully utilizing the power of the web.

The content will be in text, image, and video form. It offers a unique economic analysis of life as a game to enable easier learning opportunities for readers. Many people have been looking for another way of creating meaningful success, and this book provides the framework to make that happen.

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About The Author

Drew Little is a self-described “New Economist, Tech Social Entrepreneur, Digital Makerspace Developer, and an Idea Engineer” all rolled into one.  His mission is to offer technology that democratizes access to the necessary tools, resources, and communities of support for creators to manifest their ideas together. He has been recognized as an innovator by The Read more »